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Hotel Altamira

Hotel Altamira is decorated with furniture, chests, tapestry, vintage wall clocks, paintings, portraits and other decorative elements that were already at the house and it is also decorated with antiques purchased after creating the perfect harmony and charming environment achieving that we travel back in time with our imagination.


The palace of Valdielso (now Hotel Altamira) was re-built in the 19th century, although it dates back to 1521 (16th century). At that moment, Don Juan de Valdivielso was the notary of the village.

Altamira Hotel has its original shield located on the corner and not on the main façade and has a wall entrance with three towers and the royal crown. It is surrounded by the Cross of Calatrava, a military order of the medieval times and Don Pedro de Valdivielso (grandchild of Don Juan de Valdivielso) was part of this order. Don Francisco Manuel, Knight of Alcántara, Don Andrés, Prior of San Pablo of Valladolid; Don José, Canon of Santiago, Don Pedro that was from Santillana, Don Andrés, Lieutenant and Commander of the Order of San Juan; Don Juan Manuel Canon of Santillana and others were also part of this house.

In 1960 it changes to Altamira Hotel. Its interior was right for its purposes without having to change the main architectonical elements, preserving its wonderful wood stair that goes up to the upper floors, the hall with its river-stones floor and its stone stair, as well as its amazing beams and stone walls.

Since then, the hotel has had continuous reformation to improve the facilities, but being careful of maintaining its main structure. The last reform was in 2011. Those changes were necessary for the enjoyment and comfort of our clients.